Foundation Drilling Picks

Foundation Drilling Picks

Model No.︰B47K22H

Brand Name︰haoquan

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

They are mounted on augers, drilling buckets and coring barrels for ripping rocks in cobble and hard condition. Haoquan can design customized pick for different geological applications.
Features of Conical Pick:
1.  High grade tungsten carbide.
2.  High brazing quality.
3.  Advanced heat treatment technology provides good abrasive and impact resistance.
4.  Innovative design combines strength and penetration.
5.  Excellent rotation in partnership with Haoquan holder.

Specifications︰ Construction tools are mainly used in bridge building, trench excavation, subsurface boring, road construction, etc. The extensive use of construction cutters can also be found in filing pile, diaphragm wall, foundation strengthening and various foundation constructions. Haoquan carbide-tipped cutting tools are well applied in different ground conditions such as sandy soil, cohesive soil, hard rock and soft rock. Based on different geological conditions, Haoquan offers you customized and optimal solutions.
Our cutting tools are manufactured to the highest quality standards with best materials, and are under most stringent manufacturing processes and quality control. We offer tailor-made solution depending on different ground conditions and construction environment, thereby optimizing time and cost of your projects.

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