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Brand Name︰HAOQUAN

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰500 pc

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Product Description


HQWS type teeth apply on the cutting edge of casing shoes. Placing teeth with alternating sides secures the cutting capability on both the outer and the inner area of the annulus.


1. Secure seating of block.

2. Cutting geometry unaffected after block replacement.

3. Inner and outer overcut through tilting of blocks.

4. Easy material flow at the cutting edge.for longer toollife.

5. Wear resistance material for high durability.

6. Easy block replacement without tools.




 HQ20T  – Single Wall Casing Shoes (min. 15 mm wall thickness)

HQ39T  – Casing Shoes Wall thickness t = 40 mm

HQ46T –Casing Shoes / Core Barrel Wall thickness t = 40 / 50 mm







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